Desktop Speaker Power Conversion

People who deal with sound technology know that the pressure limiter is a tool used to protect the rear-level Desktop Speaker equipment from the damage of the signal overload. The reason why we call him a limiter is because it can switch between compression and limiter, depending on the need to set flexible. Therefore, Desktop Speaker the pressure limiter is the general designation of compression and limiter.

How to correctly set the speaker pressure limiter, especially the starting valve value should be how to reference, I believe many people still confused. Or to use a long experience to try, Desktop Speaker or to observe the signal lights, ear-hearing discrimination and other methods to set. However, it is often replaced with unfamiliar system equipment, such a method is no longer so effective.

Almost all of the professional speaker parameters, we can easily find the speaker power and impedance information. So we often encounter the first and only concern when a user sees a new loudspeaker, "How much wattage is it?" "(in order to get the information about its maximum sound pressure level). Desktop Speaker I would like to use this to correct the people who are still making similar mistakes: the size of the sound pressure level is not able to depend on the power of the speaker alone. The important factors that influence the sound pressure level are the power conversion efficiency of the loudspeaker. In the speaker parameters, the sensitivity of the performance. Desktop Speaker The higher the conversion efficiency, the higher the sensitivity, the greater the sound pressure level with the increase of power. believe that with the development of science and technology, in the near future, Desktop Speaker the Speaker 1m@w reach 130dB is not impossible.

What is the meaning of the power parameter in the Speaker parameter? It is in this paper on the value of the pressure limiter to explore the significance of setting. We are looking at a loudspeaker (power term) parameters, often see: Rated Power RMS, program power programs, peak power peak. Wherein, Desktop Speaker the rated power (continuous/continuous power) refers to the safety range of the loudspeaker in the long term single sine wave (1KHZ) steady state signal output. Desktop Speaker That is, the power amplifier can be continuously output to the speaker's rated signal without damaging the maximum value of the speaker. If the speaker exceeds this rated power value for a long time, Desktop Speaker the phenomenon of overheating of the sound coil will occur.